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Practice Areas

We handle cases involving divorce (dissolution of marriage), custody (allocation of parental responsibilities), adoption, etc.

The attorneys at our firm are members of the Family Law Section of the Bar and have a long and ongoing commitment to the highest standards of practice. While the firm's philosophy is that whenever possible it is always in our Client's best interests to settle a case or issue we realize that there simply are instances where the issue must proceed to Court.


In those cases, this law firm brings a wealth of trial experience and knowledge of Domestic Relations to the fore. The firm has been concentrating in the area of domestic relations since 1990 and has been in the town of Parker in Douglas County since 1990. David S. Rolfe regularly accepts appointments as Special Master, Child's Legal Representative, Parenting Coordinator, Decision Maker and as Mediator & Arbitrator in Family Law matters.


David S. Rolfe is active in both the Family Law Section of the Bar and the MDIC Committee which coordinates and educates for both legal and mental health professionals who work in the Domestic Relations area. He is a founding member and past president of  COAFCC and has served on the Board of Directors..

We handle several different forms of dispute resolution, including mediation and early neutral assessment.

The firm concentrates a significant amount of its attention on Mediation and Family Law cases.  Mr. Rolfe has been trained by CDR in Boulder, a world renowned center for both Mediation and training of Mediators.  Mr. Rolfe served previously as the Vice-President of the COAFCC.